Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh Frabjous Day Upon Which Barry & Hilly Will Strongly Assert the Utter Non-Death of Unity Pony !!!

It's Unity Day, progressive Dem boyz and girls!

Let's all be very nice to one another, okay? No more petulant PUMA-bashing! No more reminding the bloggerboyz of their long-term pustulant intra-party bad manners!


Because -- we like you! We really like you!

We really like us! (We like us?)


Anyhow, let's all cheer for the
Barry-Hilly Dog & Pony Unity Pony Show in Unity, New Hampshire!!

In celebration of this important media event occasion, I announce my a new personal political career goal -- turning timid centrist Barry into a dyed-in-the-wool progressive! What do you think about that, prog-Dem boys and girls? I mean, if he'll say anything to get elected (and he has, he has), why shouldn't he be saying what I want him to say, eh?

Feet to the fire 24/7. Power to the people.

Every solicitation for money I get -- and I'm getting a lot -- I am returning by mail, marked with comments, like "FISA?"? "Single payer universal health care?" "Endless list of liberal dem pet cause principled stands to be taken asap?"

I want Barry to know how I really feel, because Hilly already knows how I feel, and I don't care how Hilly feels anymore, alas, due to her losingness. Sorry, Hilly. I have listened to Barry's call for getting overness, and I've gotten over it. (Sniffs. Wipes away tears. Chokes a little). I'm throwing you under the bus, Hilly. Rilly. Under which you have already thrown yourself, I'd like to point out, Hilly. Really. It's for our own good. It's just not about you anymore.

Now, it's all about Barry. I don't know how to love him -- as he is.

But I see no reason why he should not change his ways. Barry is just so very Cirque-du-Soleil Mongolian acrobat flexible, is that not a good thing? Can I not use this flexibilitude therefore to mold him, scold him, knock him into shape? Can I not use netroots nation power and tiny-donor checkbook power to create real new shiny new new change, for a change?

I mean, why not?

It's so -- creative class-y!

I want a real progressive president.

Why can't I just make one up?